EcoHeat S Review 2020 – Perfect Mini Portable Heater for Winter

Interested in EcoHeat S? Read our EcoHeat S reviews and know more about the product in detail:

Summer and winter, these two seasons have many significant consequences in our day to day life. In summer, we use Air Conditioner to let us have comfort and oppositely like this, in winter we use an electric heater to save us from severe cold.

After the boiling hot summer, most of us view winter as a comfortable month but this thinking doesn’t work well. Above all, most of the winters make progress with severe cold accompanied by snowfall. So, for getting ready for this extreme cold, all of us require to use an electric heater to get rid of severe cold for having a nice feeling of warmth.

EcoHeat S product is just a lifesaver during cold winter days. It is a small heater having a cylinder-like shape with lots of features that are necessary for keeping a place warm.

EcoHeat S a complete lifesaver during winter

EcoHeat S is a mini size cylinder-like gadget which produces heat to keep a place warm. EcoHeat S has used advanced technology with thermostat and oscillation that can produce a maximum temperature of 98 degrees. This small device produces hot air in the room where it is placed and the process took as little as three seconds from turning on the gadget. It is a simple device that needs only a plugin and a push on the button. It is a revolutionary product because of its size and portability through which you can take it wherever you wish.

Features of EcoHeat S

EcoHeat S comes with amazing features. It would be very much supportive for a recent user who is going to buy the EcoHeat S gadget if the features are listed in one review. Some Amazing Features of the EcoHeat S are listed below.

Portability: One of the most amazing features of EcoHeat S is its portability. As it is a small device, you can make a journey carrying it wherever you wish. Moreover,  EcoHeat S is comfortable to use both at home and office.

You can also carry the EcoHeat S while traveling from one place to another during cold winter days. It will give you comfort through its warm heat production.

Size of the gadget: The EcoHeat S is 8.5 inches tall and the width is 5.5 inches. Through size, we can be sure that it is a very small gadget.

Energy Saver: It is a wonderful gadget with good power saving capacity. This will cut down your electric bill which means, though you are using a heater your bill will not be excessive like some other heating gadgets.

The area that is covered to heat: EcoHeat takes 10 watts of electricity to warm about 10 s.ft room. That means this gadget can heat up to 60 to 120 squire ft room using less amount of electricity.

Oscillating function: its oscillating function allows it to move at a maximum angle of 70 degrees through which it can warm a large area evenly that an expensive heater can do.

Different modes: EcoHeat S has multiple modes. Through the heater, this heating device can warm the room by generating heat during the cold winter days. On the other hand, during hot weather, EcoHeat S can produce normal air through its fan mode. So it can be concluded saying that the gadget is very much helpful both for winter and summer as well.

Simple to use: EcoHeat S is a very straightforward gadget to use. Most importantly, it is actually optional to follow the manufacturers manual to run the EcoHeat S. Without following its instructions by using only the five buttons at the top of the device you can easily operate it. Just plug in the device for power supply and its temperature will rise which will be seen in the display of the device located at the top.

Temperature: The highest temperature of EcoHeat S is 98 degrees. Though it is a high temperature, the fan reduces it evenly throughout the whole room. Moreover, this small heating device is too comfortable to use in a room consisting of more than one person. The ceramic that is used in it is perfect for absorbing and release ng heat.


It is always very essential to buy electronic gadgets after going through its specifications very carefully. So some important specifications that an EcoHeat S holds are listed below.

  • Auto Oscillation facility
  • Thermostat is adjustable
  • Protection for safety is ensured
  • Power consumption rate is 1.2 KW per hour
  • Its low heat is 600 watts and high heat is 1220 watt.
  • Its operational voltage is 220V to 240V.
  • The rated ampere is 5A to 5.45 A
  • The frequency is 50 Hz
  • It can heat a large amount of area.
  • The BTU is 4092 per hour.

Benefits of using it

There are a lot of benefits of using EcoHeat S. Though it is an exceptionally small device, it’s functions and activities are equivalent to the big and expensive heaters.

Useful for office: if you own an EcoHeat S, you can carry it to your office during cold winter days. After turning the device on, keep it in your desk or wherever you want and start working in a homely and warm environment. Sometimes in cold winter days, it becomes punishing to work outside the home, the most comfort zone during winters.

Useful for the bedroom: If you do not possess any other heating device or option in your bedroom, you can sleep comfortably using the EcoHeat S device. Safety is ensured in this device and you can sleep without any tension by turning it on. Otherwise, babies may suffer from a terrible sickness.

Useful for Living Room: EcoHeat S is also highly effective for the living room where you spend a lot of time watching television and your children pass time playing games. It is useful for all.

Useful for newborn: Newborn babies are not acquainted with a freezing cold of the UK and Denmark. As a result, there is a supreme requirement of an electric heater for the newborn. Keeping this in mind, the parents can buy an EcoHeat S for the babies to keep the room remain warm and as it is portable you can move it to any corner of your room. It is also safe to use as safety should be kept in mind considering the babies.

Use in the kitchen: During the cold winter days, it is very problematic to work in the kitchen though there is the facility of having warm water. You can just simply put the EcoHeat S inside the kitchen and make a warm environment to work comfortably.

EcoHeat for the study room: studying during extreme winter is very much difficult both for children and the elders as well. Using EcoHeat S you can reduce the cold temperature of the room and make a warm temperature inside the room through which one can concentrate on studies.

Maintain good health: using EcoHeat S during winter will help you to maintain the good health of yours as well as your family. Winter diseases will not be caught you if you maintain a warm temperature in your room as well as your child’s room.

Installation of EcoHeat S

The installation of EcoHeat S is not a difficult process. To operate the EcoHeat S,  it is also not necessary to be acquainted with devices at all. With a wire given with the device, you just need to plugin and after plugging in, just turn the device on using the button and adjust the heat using some other buttons like a tv remote. Moreover, it is so simple that a child can also operate the device though it is not wise to give them a chance.

After doing all the things your device will start to heat up and produce warm air throughout the room.

How it works

The ceramic heating element of EcoHeat produces the fastest heat with high thermal efficiency. This ceramic can generate hot air after making it energized. This device produces hot air within a very small amount of time as little as three seconds.

The device sucks the cold air from the environment and after some mechanism, it produces hot air throughout the room with the help of its fan. This process used in EcoHeat S is called the convection of the air.

With its three adjustable moods, you can operate it according to your needs. The three moods are -only fan, low mode, and high mode.

The ceramic heaters are 85 to 90 percent efficient through which you can be sure that the EcoHeat S wastes a minimum amount of energy. That’s how this device saves energy and cut-off our electricity bill as well.

If you think deeply about its working method, you will find that there are some ceramic plate which is mounted in metal coils and this device works exactly like a normal heater of the coil. On the other hand, the ceramic plates placed inside the device absorb the heat and release the heat in the air. Additionally, the cooling down of the heater is faster than the other coil heaters. As soon as you turn off the device, the EcoHeat S begins to cool down and the process finishes within a few seconds.

Buying EcoHeat S is not a waste of money or you have to put it idle during summer. Additionally, you can use its fan option during hot summer days.

What I like about EcoHeat S

When for the first time I heard about the EcoHeat S, I did not imagine it to be that much small. When I bought EcoHeat S I thought that this tiny device would not heat that much area as other heaters do. Nevertheless, I was extremely amazed by observing the effectiveness of this small device. Whenever I introduce it in front of anyone, they become wonder seeing this tiny device with such effectiveness.

The most important feature that influenced me about the device is its dimension. Additionally, you can carry it wherever you want and it is very much easy to operate.

Most importantly, the EcoHeat S device warms the room within a small amount of time. Astonishingly, it starts generating heat within two to three seconds. Mostly I like its variable modes through which it can be utilized both in winter and summer.

Additionally, the gadget is actually risk-free to use and carry everywhere. All these things made EcoHeat S device popular among people.

How can I get it?

It is very easy to buy EcoHeat S and you can order it online. There are several offers goes on for EcoHeat S at various time of the year. One of the most amazing offers that the manufacturer is providing is that buying more than one product will cost you less. There are combo offers for EcoHeat S as well. Moreover, it is not a highly expensive and lavish product. The price is very reasonable than most other heating products that are found online or in the market. To buy EcoHeat S online you can click here.

Accessories that are given with it

With EcoHeat S, there are not many accessories provided with the device. Most importantly, you will just receive a wire for power supply and a manual with instructions to use the EcoHeat S.

Pros and Cons

Every product which is available both in the market or the online stores contains both positive and negative sides. Besides, you will not get any product 100% perfect. Some positive and negative side of the EcoHeat S is discussed here to give a clear view of the product to the customers.


  • The heating process is very fast in EcoHeat S.
  • Operating this electric heating device is pretty much easy and simple.
  • EcoHeat S is easy to carry everywhere because of the small dimension.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • EcoHeat S can warm up almost every type of room from the kitchen to the bedroom.


  • The EcoHeat S cannot warm up an open space room.
  • You will not find various designs because EcoHeat S comes with only one design option.


Finally, it can be said that EcoHeat S is the best choice for you if you want to warm your room in a cost-effective way. Besides, you will not repent of buying this small dimension heating device if you do not want to increase your budget to buy larger heaters. Furthermore, it is important to be healthy than being sick shivering in cold.

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