Mira vs. Triton vs. Bristan: Which is the best electric shower?

There is nothing compared to a good hot shower as you start your day or when you return home from a hectic and cold day.

Every home should have an electric shower even if you have good water pressure and a combi-boiler. Electric shower saves you a lot of gas and energy bills compared to power showers and combi-boilers. If you live in a house with no combi-shower, then this is the best option for you.

About 40% of the population uses an electric shower because people are starting to discover its numerous benefits.

Buying an electric shower can be a little frustrating with the wide range of electric shower brands available on the market. Well, I’ve done my research and brought it down to the three best brands in the market.

The best way to decide the ultimate best is to review each brand best product, and that’s precisely what I’ve done.

Mira Sport Max


The Mira Sport Max is the best hi-tech electric shower in the market today. It comes with amazing features that take your bathroom experience to a whole new level.

Starting with the sensi-flo technology which regulates the water temperature to avoid the water from getting too hot and scalding you. Now you can have a nice hot shower without the fear of getting hurt by hot water.

Its air boost tech is another amazing feature that lets you increase the flow rate of the shower without using up excess water. There’s no need to envy power shower users anymore.

Lastly, the clear scale feature is imposing, as it prevents 50% limescale build up in your shower head. Less limescale means few clogs and increased life span.

The downside to the Sport Max is its noisy air boost tech and weak wall clamps.

Triton Seville Electric shower

The second on my list is the highly efficient Triton Seville shower. Though this doesn’t possess all the fancy hi-tech features, it is praised for its high ease of use. Its power rating of 9.5kW means that you get more supply of hot water per minute which is a plus.

Its first significant feature is its user-friendly characteristics such as its large dial that makes it easy to control its temperature settings.

If you have time to spare, it’s also effortless to install without the need to call a plumber or electrician.

The downside to this shower is its highest temperature can be extremely hot and scald you if you have sensitive skin. The water flow isn’t as powerful as most users would like, and the showerhead isn’t stable, you might have to readjust it sometimes.

Bristan SM395 Smile Electric Shower

The last product on my list is the Bristan Smile shower. Not the most magnificently designed electric shower, but it is user-friendly and highly efficient. It also comes with a considerable warranty duration and excellent customer service.

Installation only takes two hours with easy to use manuals to guide you through the whole process. It is produced with high-quality, durable materials that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Another great feature is its ability to produce a temperature which the last person used to prevent hot water burns.

The downside to the Smile is its difficulty in installation when replacing an existing shower and no extra hi-tech features.

Looking at the overall performance of these three electric showers, it is evident that the Mira Sport Max is the winner, as it offers the best features amongst the other two brands.

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