Best Pumped Electric Shower 2020 – Complete Range of Pumped Electric Showers

Low water pressure is one of the most frustrating things to have when you’re taking a shower. Often times, people go for a great electric shower but end up not enjoying it simply because of low water pressure. This is why, if you have the challenge of low water pressure in your home, you should buy a pumped electric shower. If your water pressure is just fine, then read this article about the best electric showers instead.

Pumped electric showers are gravity fed from the cold water storage in your home. The pump would then empower the shower to create more water pressure. With a pumped electric shower, you’ll definitely get the most out of your shower experience.

Pumped electric showers don’t just provide high water pressure. They also have a lot of great features that you would enjoy. This is probably why it is quite difficult to pick the best pumped electric shower for your home. There are so many brands and attractive features to pick from.

Fortunately, we have picked out the five best pumped electric showers for 2020. All you have to do is choose the one that’s best for you. Take note that the list is not arranged according to superiority but each unit has been categorized based on what they do best.

And if you want to know more, we also have the ultimate guide to finding the best pumped electric shower included in this article!

Best Pumped Electric Shower 2020

Here’s our list of the best pumped electric showers in 2020:

1. Triton T80si 9.5kW – Editors Choice

The first on our list is from a great and popular electric shower brand. This pumped electric shower from Triton is simple yet very efficient. The Triton T80si offers a power rating of 9.5kW. Although it has a simple design, it also has the necessary features to get the job done. We picked this brand because it is so affordable yet it still provides similar features to the expensive pumped electric showers.

This pumped electric shower is all about ease. With the help of the manufacturers guide, you can easily set up the unit without having to pay for installation costs or employ a plumber. Also, it is very easy to use. It has a power on/off switch that you can easily adjust.

The shower head offers different spray settings too, giving you an enjoyable showering experience. The T80si has a great temperature control, and is very long-lasting and reliable.

The only thing that you might not like about the Triton T80si is the fact that it is a bit noisy. This is expected because it is a pumped electric shower.

All things considered, this is definitely the best pumped electric shower out there.


  • It is very affordable.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Has great temperature control.
  • Very reliable and durable.
  • Provides various spray settings at the shower head.


  • A bit noisy

2. Mira Showers 1.1845.002 Elite QT 10.8kW – Best Powerful Pumped Electric Shower

The famous electric shower brand, Mira Showers, has struck again with the Elite QT .002 and its high technology for the best water pressure. This brand offers a power rating of 10.8kW which is one of the highest power ratings you can find amongst electric showers.

The Elite QT makes use of pressure-stabilized temperature which would give you optimum satisfaction after a long, hot bath. The pressure-stabilized feature would ensure that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate when in use.

The unit also makes use of the clearscale technology which decreases the build-up of limescale in your showerhead. This way, your pumped electric shower would last for a long time and you would not end up with a crusty shower head. Also, the technology prevents a blocked shower head. Apart from the fact that the clearscale technology makes it easy to clean the showerhead, the clean-flo technology makes it even easier. The clean-flo technology makes it easier to access the filter and maintain the unit properly.

Before purchasing the Elite QT, keep in mind that you have to have a cold water supply tank before you can use it. Also, the unit is noisy when it works.

All in all, the Mira Showers Elite QT is a great pumped electric shower with high power and higher efficiency.


  • Easy to use, has two dials for regulating power and temperature.
  • Easy to install.
  • Clearscale technology prevents limescale build-up.
  • Features a pressure stabilized temperature.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Needs a cold water supply tank to work.
  • It is noisy.

3. Triton SPSGPE09WC T150Z 9.5kW – Best Durable Pumped Electric Shower

The strong and sturdy build of the Triton SPSGPE09WC is one that should be recognized. This pumped electric shower can work for a long time, and is it also offers a lot of pressure. It has an impressive power rating of 9.5kW.

Even with its sturdiness, the Triton SPSGPE09WC is very easy to install. You don’t need any special tools to do this; just the normal ones with the manufacturers guide. Once you do this, you’re good to go.

This unit is best for large families and homes which have low pressure because it provides very powerful pressure, your desired temperature and it lasts for a very long time. The unit also has a simple and attractive design.

It is very easy to operate. It has a dial which lets you regulate the temperature of your water, and it also has three power options: power, low flow, and shut down. With the low flow option, you can reduce the water pressure. It is a great feature for little children who cannot handle a high water pressure.

Another great feature is the five spray patterns that the rub clean shower head provides for anyone looking to enjoy a long shower. Also, it has a low pressure indicator which informs you on when the water pressure is not sufficient. It also makes use of the phased shutdown technology which cleans out the hot water in the shower in preparation for the next user.

The only downside to this is that it is also noisy, but apart from this, the Triton SPSGPE09WC is highly recommended.


  • It is easy to use and install.
  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • Great for large families.
  • Provides low flow option.
  • Provides five spray patterns.
  • It comes with a good shower head and a soap dish.


  • It is noisy.

4. Mira Showers 1.1845.001 Elite QT 9.8kW – Best Elegant Pumped Electric Shower

Another pumped electric shower from Mira Showers, this Elite QT .001 version is one of the best showers with the sleekest and deluxe look. This shower would go great with the modern or contemporary décor in your bathroom, and it is not just a beauty without efficiency.

This Elite QT version features the Sensi-flo technology. This is meant to keep your water from getting too hot and it prevents injuries or scalding in the shower. The power rating on this is 9.8kW which is not as powerful as the .002 but would still work efficiently. If you’re expecting to see that it is noisy, you should know that it isn’t. The motor on this unit is quieter than most pumped electric showers.

Also, it provides a great amount of pressure and keeps it stabilized, thus, providing you with a consistent flow of water during your shower. The showerhead also provides you with a range of spray settings. With all of these features, the Mira Showers .001 Elite QT is very affordable which makes buying this unit worth it.

The downside to this model is the fact that it has not proven to be very durable. But, in general, the Elite QT .001 is very efficient and we would recommend it any time.


  • It works quieter than other showers.
  • Sensi-flo technology prevents scalding in the shower.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is very elegant and attractive.
  • It provides you with different spray settings at the shower head.


  • It is not very durable.

5. Triton T90xr 9.5kW- Best User – Friendly Pumped Electric Shower

The final pumped electric shower on our list is another one from Triton, offering efficiency and powerful water pressure beneath the simple model design. The Triton T90xr has a power rating of 9.5kW which is a bit low but still very powerful. It would work efficiently regardless of how low the water pressure is in your home.

This is the best user-friendly pumped electric shower because of its great temperature and power options which basically allow you to customize your shower experience. The power selector has three options: cold, temperature and high. Also, the temperature selector is a dial with a wide range of temperatures that you want.

The Triton T90xr also has a rub-clean showerhead with an impressive number of five spray patterns which also adds to your customized shower experience. For anyone who loves long showers, this unit is definitely for you.

Although this unit is quite expensive, it is still very efficient and provides the ultimate showering experience.

Buying Guide

Although we have shown you the best pumped electric showers that you can find, there are still some things that you would have to consider before purchasing one so that you can pick the best brand or unit for you and your family.

Water Pressure

The basic reason why you must be thinking about purchasing a pumped electric shower is for the unbearably low water pressure that you might have in your home. A pumped electric shower makes up for all the water pressure that your family needs. No matter how low your water pressure is, as long as you have a pumped electric shower with a power rating of between 9.5 to 10.8kW, you should be fine. So before purchasing one, you should check out how low your water pressure is.


Some pumped electric showers do not come with a heater. And so, before purchasing one, you should ensure that it has a heater and temperature controls to regulate this heat. This way, you can enjoy hot water during the winter months, and with great water pressure too.


One thing that discourages potential buyers is the cost of installing a pumped electric shower. But, there are a lot of showers that you can easily install yourself; some of them are mentioned in our list above. This would save you time and money, as long as you’re good with tools. If you aren’t, you can ask someone who is to do it for you. If it is not installed properly, it wouldn’t work efficiently. Also, ensure that the pumped electric shower you want to purchase is compatible with your plumbing system.

Ease of Use and Smart Features

You should purchase a pumped electric shower that is very easy to use too. The use of dials and easy to understand controls would make it easier for you to enjoy your pumped electric shower. Apart from easy controls, smart features make it easy for you to enjoy the shower.

Some features prevent the hot water from scalding you by regulating the temperature of the water regularly. This makes it safe for you and even safer for children and the elderly. Also, a pumped electric shower which prevents the build-up of limescale is also one that you should look out for. Accumulated limescale leads to a crusty shower and a blocked showerhead; plus, it would damage the shower later on.

A pumped electric shower that is easy to clean and maintain should also be considered. It would not be cost-effective to spend a lot of money on maintenance costs. Also, durability and sturdiness is a must. A pumped electric shower that is not durable would end up getting damaged quickly.

Maintenance Tips for your Pumped Electric Shower

  • When cleaning your pumped electric shower, you should clean out the filters, the controls, and also the shower head. It is advisable to do this once a week to prevent it from getting damaged or dirty.
  • When installing your shower, you should follow the manufacturer’s guide strictly. If your shower is not installed properly, it would not only be inefficient, but it can cause damage to anyone using it. If you don’t believe that you can do it, you should call the customer service or just hire a professional.
  • Also, when using your pumped electric shower, avoid selecting the highest temperature or the highest pressure during your shower. This would wear the shower out and also, it can cause scalding.

Best Pumped Electric Shower FAQ for New Buyers

  • What is the best pumped electric shower brand?

There are a lot of brands that manufacturer the best electric showers out there. But in this case, there are two recommended shower brands that you should consider when looking out for a pumped electric shower. These two are Mira and Triton Showers. They are leading companies when it comes to high quality showers and so they won’t disappoint.

  • How much should I budget for a high quality pumped electric shower?

You should definitely not go for a cheap and low quality pumped electric shower. Although it would be cheap, it would also be highly inefficient and unreliable. If you’re looking to buy a great shower, your budget should be between £200 and £300. Also, try to stick to your budget.

  • What are the benefits that a pumped electric shower provides?

Well, apart from providing high water pressure for those who stay in low water pressure areas, the best ones also provide you with the best temperatures. These ones allow you to regulate the temperature and so you can enjoy a hot shower with high water pressure. Also, a durable pumped electric shower would provide you with consistent flow of water and a great water pressure for a long time.


From the list of the best pumped electric showers that you can find out there, it is obvious that each unit is better at meeting a particular need that you might be looking for. Even with this, our overall best remains the Triton T80si 9.8kW because of its easy to use features and the fact that it is very affordable. Also, its different spray settings and regulated temperature allow for a great showering experience.

If what you need is something very powerful, the Mira Showers 1.1845.002 Elite QT provides the highest power rating that you can find, and its high technological features makes it a great choice. For customizing your shower experience, the Triton T90xr 9.5kW has a remarkable number of spray patterns, and a great power and temperature selection.

For a large family, you just need something strong and sturdy so you can check out the Triton SPSGPE09WC T150Z and enjoy all the features that come with its long-lasting design. And, if you’re all about a highly efficient pumped electric shower which would be compatible with the décor of your bathroom, then the Mira Showers 1.1845.001 Elite QT is the one for you.

All in all, whatever you’re looking for, we hope you found it on our list of the best pumped electric shower 2020!

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