Everything You Need to Know Before Picking Any Water Softener Systems

As per the United States Geological Survey, about 85 percent of American homes employ hard water. Hence it is clear that a large portion of the country’s population doesn’t have access to naturally soft water. To solve this issue getting a home softener system home is the best decision.

A water softener (often misspelled as “water softener”) is a great pick to enhance living standards. A good softener can help you to eliminate daily troubles and pain caused due to hard water. All the hardness issues like hair dryness, laundry stiffness, soap scum; stains on appliances, limescale build-up, and degradation of water-related equipment can be curbed.

Many professionals think that hard water does not possess any health hazards. But the chaos created on every day basic chores is very aching. People usually ask a few common questions that are very important while buying a water softener. Hence we have accumulated all the imperative data.

What is Hard Water?


The knowledge of water hardness is required when you buy a softener. As every softener have distinct qualities and specifications that suits as per the region and water quality.

Usually, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is the culprit behind water hardness. It is chalky, marble-like white substances which cause limescale buildup.

However, when rainwater seeps through various channels it picks many other minerals like aluminum, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and potassium.

How to know you have a hard water source?

Get it tested, this is the best and surest way to know about it. It also helps you to pick the right water softening system for your home. Call upon a professional and ask them everything you need to know.

If you are not willing to spend sum on hiring an expert there are water testing kits available in the market get one. They won’t hog on your pocket.

How will hard water affect us?

Many homeowners have known the importance of a water softener. They install it to avoid daily headache as well as to prolong appliances life.

When calcium carbonate accumulates on the appliances they are hard to remove. They degrade the machinery by blocking the water passage which leads to corrosion and another catastrophe. If you calculate the repairing amount spend throughout the year you will know how costly it was.

Why Water Softener?

Water softener’s main job is to remove hard minerals present in water ultimately making it soft. With an ion exchange process minerals and exchanged with sodium ions. Later the soft water is supplied for the use.

What is Regeneration?

Regeneration takes place water in the pipe is redistributed. It not installed in every water softener but attains many benefits.

There are many hookups connected to the water supply. During this cycle flow back is extended with an extended water loop. It helps to thwart rust and dirt.

An ion exchange process includes sodium ions exchange with calcium carbonate, calcium and magnesium ions. Later resin beads wash off these minerals to revive.

Do water softeners remove harmful bacteria?

No. A water softener only works upon water hardness. Water should be pure and bacteria free when it reaches water softener. Generally municipal or city water has chlorine in it which eradicates all such contaminants.

If you still have any doubt you can consult a professional. There are many types of water softeners in the market which soften and purify water. You can go for them.

Does water softener work on removing odor and improving the taste of water?

Yes, in some cases it does improve water taste and remove smell but there is a contradiction to it. This depends on which water softener you have chosen because many softeners these days are made to do this job. This depends on water quality. Suppose your water softener is not doing this you can get a carbon filter and attach to the pipeline.

Which water softener should I go for?

The right size and type of water softener solely depends on the water quality, hardness, area and purpose. This is decisive to understand because if you pick a softener just by reviews and without getting to the core, it may not work for you. Here, important is to understand the water you are using and what capacity you need to fulfill.


If you are a new buyer or wish to have a superior water softener for home then visit UK Water Softener Reviews or you can always enquire about the first-hand quality products available in the local store. Look for guarantees and warranty, brand name and after services on the system.

For any plumbing assistance, you can write to us in the comment box below.

Top 5 Beautiful Amazing and Cheap Flooring Ideas

Well, it is entirely accurate to say that building a house is quite costly, right? Therefore one has to minimize costs but focus on building a house with beautiful features. Flooring is one of the essential parts when building a house. There are various factors to be considered on floors such as the outlay, appearances as well as costs. Many of us could ask; is there any inexpensive but attractive flooring ideas? Yes, there is a range of cheap beautiful flooring ideas.

1. Laminate Flooring

Firstly, there is the laminate flooring which is easy to install and also a cheaper alternative to all the others. You will also have versatile options to choose from when it comes to laminate flooring. It can be put over wood subfloors or concrete. It is highly remarkable by many people who have used it because of a lack of chemical odor and its high quality.

It is not entirely waterproof, but it is waxed to repel water. Laminate floors are durable because they are highly resistant to damages as long as liquid spills remain cleaned out promptly. Attributes of the fame of laminate flooring go to its high quality at a bargain able price, which is quite appealing, right?

2. Vinyl Plank Flooring

When shopping for the vinyl planks, you might notice that there is the expensive and the cheaper option. In this case, we are talking about the more affordable options, so of course, the luxury is cut out. Technology has helped with coming up of vinyl planks which resemble stone, porcelain or cement tiles at a much lower cost. The flooring cost is even more affordable since they are easy to install.

3. Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring has advanced to suit today’s preferences and tastes, thanks to technology. It has always been a cheaper option for long but gone are the days when vinyl sheets were a dull yellow-brown and floral designs. They are now authentic, and the imaging techniques are beautiful. They are eye-catching as well as friendly to the wallet.

4. Oak Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring may be quite expensive for those on a lower budget. If one is looking forward to having a solid wood underfoot, they are sorted with oak wood flooring. The oak wood designs are great and also cheap. You can buy them at lumber yards, known for advertising seconds oaks flooring. Oakwood flooring is one of the best-kept industry secrets.

5. Carpet Tile flooring

Carpet tile flooring is yet another brilliant idea in case you have the preference for soft floors. Not only do you get them at a convenient price but also get easiness of maintaining. Individual tiles are replaceable in case they cannot be cleaned or repaired. A person also has the opportunity to choose from a range of colors and designs. 

From the above mentioned fantastic flooring ideas, we see that one can spice up their home with new floors even on a tight budget. Creativity, research and the willingness to compromise over expensive designer looks will lead to coming up with great inexpensive flooring ideas.

Mira Showers vs Triton – Which is the Best Electric Shower Brand in UK?

Electric showers are quite popular because of the convenience it provides when it comes to installation and use. Electric showers only need a constant supply of cold water. The unit would heat up the water as it passes through and so you don’t need to store water. They also don’t need to use a pump and the water flow depends on the level of the wattage. To find out about how electric showers work, go ahead and read this article. This article would be focusing on two popular electric shower brands which consumers often find hard to pick one.

Mira Showers or Triton, which is better?

Triton Electric Shower:

Starting with the Triton, it is super popular because of the heating element it uses to heat up the water it supplies. Instead of using a boiler like some other electric shower brands, which add a heap of additional costs, the Triton simply uses a built in heating element.

Another thing to consider is the installation. One thing about a lot of electric shower brands is that they are not very flexible when it comes to installation and where to place it. The Triton electric showers feature five entry points that can be used for cables and water feeds. This makes it really straightforward for your plumber to install it into the installation area, and when installation is easy, it would be cheap too.

Triton is also very easy to use too. To control the shower, all you have to do is move the number control dial that is in front of the panel so you can increase the temperature or decrease it. Some Triton models feature a three flow rate setting to control the water output and an ECO mode. The shower hose is very flexible and the head allows you to pick which flow setting you want.

Mira Electric Showers:

In the case of Mira Showers, it isn’t as popular as the Triton because it is more expensive, but this electric shower is still more powerful and has a more modern look than the Triton. For installation, the system covers any cracks made in the wall for the shower.

It is also a little more expensive to install than the Triton, although you don’t have to spend money on tiling the wall again. You would also have to have a 15 mm inlet connector and your electrical supply must be as high as 45 amp. This electrical shower isn’t digital like the Triton, but the controls are also very easy to operate. The unit has push buttons for low flow rate, high flow rate and an ECO mode. It also has a dial that you use to control the temperature of the water.

The showerhead in Mira Showers is larger than a lot of electric shower brands and it has four flow settings. It also has the Opti-Flo technology that protects you from extremely cold or hot water. Another plus for this electric shower is the fact that it is super durable. It protects itself from dirt and limescale and so it lasts for a very long time.

Final Verdict:

Looking at these two electric shower brands, the Triton is perfect if you are looking for something cheap and reliable, but the Mira is ideal if you need something more powerful and you’re willing to pay extra.

I would recommend the Triton, because it offers almost the same features as the Mira, but at a cheaper price. Now, if you’ve decided to buy an electric shower, you better choose the right unit for your bathroom. There’s a pretty neat buying guide on WaterSystemExperts, go check that out if you’re still confused.

Nonetheless, if you were stuck between Triton and Mira Showers, I hope I’ve helped you in some way to make your decision.

How to Deal with Low Water Pressure

If you are unable to wash your dishes or unable to get your laundry done in time, it is probably because of low water pressure. This is very annoying as your multitasking daily tasks are often taking longer time. In this situation, you need to investigate your home water supply system. Whether water pressure is low or high either causes hindrance in the efficiency or damages the system.

There are many reasons that lead to low water pressure. If your whole area is experiencing the same issue you need to call your water supplier. Get a petition signed by society members and submit it to the corporation.

If the problem is internal the problem is with the fixtures like valves or pipes.  The very common problem that occurs is corrosion of pipes or jam that restricts water flow.

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These 5 tips will help you to decode low water pressure. Let’s begun:

Check Shut Off Valves:

This may work sometimes. Shut off the valves near to faucets and let the one, open which you want to use. Even you can shut off the main valve present near the meter for plumbing work.

Generally, they are left half-open or children close them while playing this also is a reason for sluggish flow.

The primary water valve near the water meter needs to be adjusted sometimes. This will need little precision and hard work but will increase the stream.

For my lads facing low water pressure issues, I recommend these UK pumped electric showers. Especially, Triton T80si and T150Z.

Trace Leaks and Drips:

Main water pipeline sometimes has leakage. Usually, the leaking places are beneath the sink, toilet bowl, faucets, and appliances. Otherwise, it will be very difficult.

If you experience damp ceilings or walls the leakage is in the within. Just read your water meter when water is not in use, you will get to know. For this follow the simple leak detection method:

  • Shut off the primary water valve for 30 minutes. Do not use it.
  • Jot down the water meter reading.
  • After half an hour check the water meter again, if it is changed then there is a leakage.    

Cleaning Aerator:

If only one or two fixtures are having low water pressure, then this tip is solely for you.

Dishwashers, sinks, faucets, and showers have aerators that maintain the water pressure. It has a peripheral layer at the front this might have collected sediments of hard water. Unscrew the end part of fittings and wash them with water. Later dip in the vinegar solution for 30 minutes and wash them again. After cleaning the aerator, the water flow will rise.

Examine Water Heaters:

This solution is for low hot water pressures in heaters. Look for sediments in the tank and flush them out. If you notice that pressure is reduced while opening the tapped call your plumber soon.

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Replacing Water Filters:

This solution is for houses using single faucet filtration or treatment systems.

If you have a filtration system you need to replace the filters. Maybe they are clogged which is the cause of decreased water flow. With water treatment system, replacements are the only option. For which you need to call upon a professional.